3 Green Beauty & Makeup Looks You Can Parade on St. Patrick's Day 2020

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner: Shamrock decor have been painted on bar windows, green hats are on display in stores, and the anticipation of beer (which is also green) is high and sweeping. The day is, truly, one of merrymaking. And it’s the perfect time to whip out your makeup tools and essentials to make the most out of the hard-partying celebration.

If you’re curious about how St. Patrick’s Day came to be, or where it even originated, continue to read on. For the green beauty & makeup looks, keep on scrolling until you get to that portion of this blog post!

Where Did St. Patrick’s Day Come From?

The real person behind the saintly persona was Maewyn Succat, a British native born in 390 A.D. You read that right: He didn’t come from Ireland, and he wasn’t even Irish, which is a common misconception since St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. But according to an article on National Geographic, it was only when he was kidnapped at 16 that he stepped onto Ireland’s ground, where he was enslaved and tended sheep for some years. 

Eventually though, St. Patrick—or Maewyn—escaped. Legend has it that he returned to England because a voice instructed him to, the article said, the same voice that later prompted Maewyn to travel back to Ireland where he became a priest and then a bishop. He took on a new name, and after his death, he was regarded as Ireland’s patron saint without being canonized.

Now you’re probably wondering how his feast day even became a largely American drinking holiday. The answer to this mystery is simple, really. What originally started as a solemn observance turned into a fun and secular festivity because St. Patrick’s Day, which falls on March 17, is celebrated at the same time as the Lenten season. Lent is quiet and often encourages Christians to offer some form of sacrifice. But on March 17, observers of Lent are given a day of reprieve

If you’re curious about how alcohol appeared in the equation, it has something to do with a local beer brand in Ireland. “As for the St. Patrick Day drink of choice, Guinness originated in Ireland and their flagship brew, Guinness Stout, is still brewed in their famous St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin,” the National Geographic article said. “St. Patrick’s Day revelers consumed 13 million pints of Guinness on the holiday in 2017.” 

History lesson aside, let’s get to the heart of this post: St. Patrick’s Day makeup! Expect a whole lot of green and shamrock in the list ahead.



Makeup & Beauty Look #1: Striking Gaze in Green 


Materials Needed

Shimmery green eyeshadow

Dark brown eyeshadow


Black eyeliner



Step 1: Contour your eyes with the dark brown eyeshadow. Feather it lightly at the edges.

Step 2: Apply shimmery green eyeshadow on your lids and do the same to your lower lids. The more visible the shimmer is, the better.

Step 3: Line your upper and lower lids with a black eyeliner. Add wings for a more striking effect. You could even add green glitters if you like!

Step 4: Apply highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes.

Step 5: Add volume to your eyelashes with mascara. Sticking on false lashes is also a good idea.


Something About Shamrock First

Before we get to the succeeding makeup and beauty looks, let us first talk about the iconic symbol of the shamrock. You may skip this part if you want to go straight to the stunning looks!

The shamrock, or the three-leaf clover, is considered to be Ireland’s unofficial national flower, according to an article on Time. This is because St. Patrick allegedly explained the concept of the Holy Trinity to nonbelievers in Ireland in an attempt to convert them to the Christian faith. Mike Cronin, a historian and academic director of Boston College's program in Dublin, said the clover is a "national emblem". 

“Around the 17th century, Cronin says, the shamrock’s importance began to converge with religious celebration of the saint’s feast day: Those living in poverty still wanted to look nice at church, and luckily for them, an appropriate adornment was growing on the ground outside their homes,” the Time article said.

Now let's continue on with the makeup looks! 


Makeup & Beauty Look #2: Dotted in Shamrock


Materials Needed

Green face paint or green eyeshadow

Other colored makeup as needed

Picture of a shamrock or clover


Here’s a picture of shamrocks you can use:

For a shamrock mole

Step 1: Use the picture as your model for the mole.

Step 2: Draw the shamrock on your left or right cheekbone. Or draw the shamrock on a spot you prefer.

(Optional) Step 3: Add some glitter to make your mole more vibrant!


For shamrock freckles

Follow the steps in the previous makeup look, but this time, you will need to draw multiple tiny shamrocks across your face, particularly from your nose bridge to your cheeks.


Makeup & Beauty Look #3: The Shamrock Crown

Ever heard of the flower crown? Well, we can use that wonderful beauty accessory and turn it into something more St. Patrick’s Day-appropriate! Shamrock crowns may not be receiving well-deserved attention from the public (even though they are just as gorgeous), but on St. Patrick’s Day, they can be the star of the holiday—alongside green beer, of course.

Follow the tutorial below to create your very own stunning shamrock crown.


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