5 Makeup Hacks for Traveling That Will Prove You Don't Actually Need a Lot of Makeup Products



Let’s get real: Perhaps you don’t really need all that makeup when you’re going to the beach, do you? 

As you pack for your summer getaway or holiday vacation, you’re tempted to cram in as many of your makeup tools and products in your luggage as possible. But realistically, it’s probable that all the makeup you’re thinking of toting with you might not even be used. Side note, though: If you actually have to bring a lot of makeup, then by all means, bring them. 

However, if you have no obligation to do so and you want to save some space for other belongings, here are five (5) travel makeup hacks that will help you make space for the things you need without sacrificing beauty products.


Take advantage of your makeup's packaging by using it as the container for your smaller makeup.

If you have makeup products whose packaging is relatively bigger and whose container has a hollowed compartment underneath, you can store smaller makeup products in there, a reddit user who goes by jstar04 shared on r/MakeupRehab. Often, we lose our tiny belongings. So why not store them in the larger, more visible items?

In their post, jstar04 also suggested storing other small objects, such as jewelry, in the (perhaps unintentional) compartment. 

Replacing unwanted makeup is another tip that jstar04 recommended. If you don’t like the color of an eyeshadow, simply replace it with a different shade, or you can replace the unwanted eyeshadow with blush instead. You can even make your own lipstick and add it to the palette.

Turn contact lens cases into lipstick or eyeshadow containers.

Now here’s an eco-friendly approach to makeup that’s also space-efficient. If you wear contacts and have no use for your old contact lens cases, try turning them into makeup containers instead of throwing them into the bin. 

You can scrape off a bit of your eyeshadow and then transfer the product into the case. Then, add drops of alcohol into the new container of your eyeshadow so that it solidifies again. For lipstick, you can cut off a small part of it and liquify the solids on a spoon by carefully (and rather distantly) hovering it over a flame. A candle might be your safest option.

Fun tip: You can mix a variety of colors for your eyeshadow or lipstick to create a unique shade! It might be best, though, to use only one brand for mixing to prevent any unwanted chemical reactions.


Color your lids with highlighter.

How about this: Rather than bring your entire eyeshadow palette with you on your getaway, why not use your highlighter to add a hint of color and a lot of shimmer to your eyelids? Highlighters are a versatile creation of the makeup and beauty industry, and they are well-loved by some of the most popular influencers, too. 


Heck, highlighters are so great, you can even use them as tint for your lips, especially if the highlighter you use is more pink than pale. Simply gloss your lips and dab some pink highlighter on them.

Use your lipstick as eyeshadow, too.

You’ve probably heard of this makeup hack before. Beauty enthusiasts around the world might be getting tired of the same old dark brown eyeshadow that’s been around for ages, hence the emergence of the bright and popping eye makeup looks.

But instead of bringing your multi-colored eyeshadow set, just keep your lipstick around. Matching the red (or purple, or pink) on your lips with the red on your eyes creates a visual delight, and you don't even need to put in so much effort.

If you’re planning to bring a liquid lipstick, watch the tutorial below since it’s trickier to work with its formula compared to solid lipsticks: 


Bring micellar water.

Lastly, use micellar water to remove your makeup easily. Made from micelles, which are an aggregate of molecules whose formation makes them a natural dirt and grease magnet, micellar water can draw out grime and cleanse your pores more efficiently than plain water. Gently rubbing micellar water on your face is an effective way to remove makeup, and you can use it without having to rinse it off.

Bring a small amount with you. You can do so by either buying a small bottle or transferring micellar water to a small container.

Bonus tip: Bring only one makeup applicator, and use your fingers for the rest.

To ensure that your face stays clean throughout your trip, bring a makeup applicator that is bacteria-resistant! You will only need to bring one! For light dabs and feathering, your fingers should suffice.


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