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Top Beauty Tips for Newbies—Skin Care-Related Tips Included

The beauty and makeup gurus we admire and follow today have all been through the stage we cannot picture them to have ever been in: the starting phase of beauty exploration. But no one becomes an expert without that spark of interest, right? And by searching this article, you are well on your way to becoming a beauty expert. In this article, we have gathered some of the basic advice that people interested in beauty should be aware of—and of course, some of them involve skin care.  Use sunscreen. One of the most urgent skin care advice that often goes unnoticed is to use sunscreen or sunblock. We are living in a planet that is already so vulnerable to the...

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5 Common Kitchen Ingredients You Can Use for Skin Care

Consumers are gravitating to the natural. What used to be full faith in companies eventually turned into skepticism against the same after several high-profile brands received complaints (and lawsuits) that were made known to the public, complaints that involved hairfall and even cancer.  This is not to say that all brands deserve distrust; in fact, there is an ongoing effort to strictly regulate cosmetics companies because “big beauty conglomerates are scared enough of the clean beauty backlash,” a Vox article said.  Nevertheless, natural ingredients are popping up in the beauty scene, making its way into the norm because of their pure, unadulterated state, and perhaps, too, because of their price. Here are some of the natural ingredients you can find in your home kitchen that can...

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