Spade Puffs Set - Hye Beauty
Spade Puffs Set - Hye Beauty

Spade Puffs Set

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Product Features

  • ERGONOMIC GRIP & SHAPE: An expertly designed makeup applicator, Hye Beauty's Spade Puff creates a smooth beauty experience that makes your getting ready easy and efficient.
  • LATEX-FREE: Hye Beauty's Spade Puff is recommendable for those who are allergic to latex, a material that can be found in a lot of other makeup applicators.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL, NON-WET APPLICATOR: Hye Beauty's Spade Puff leaves your face feeling covered and clean with its antibacterial design, which addresses the common problem of makeup users and beauty aficionados. Use our Spade Puff without adding water* to experience the full benefits of its antibacterial quality. 
  • ECONOMICAL YET SUFFICIENT: Hye Beauty's Spade Puff maximizes your makeup by evenly spreading a small amount of the product to all the areas of your face, which allows you to keep using your makeup for a very long time.
  • CRUELTY-FREE: Hye Beauty guarantees that the Spade Puffs are ethically produced, harming no person or animal in the manufacturing process.

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*Please note that water may be added if the need arises.